Your Business Is Not Getting Enough

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Your Business Is Not Getting Enough

Your Business is not getting enough of the foundational things that Every Business Needs To Grow.

“What is that”, you ask?

publicity, publicist, Branding, Marketing, Exposure, VisibilityGlad you asked. Foundationally, every business needs this and lots of it to get what they really want. 

What an owner WANTS is a smooth running business that takes care of the owner and their employees and families. Instead of the owner worrying and having to take care of the business. Well at least the business owners I know.

That all breaks down to how do we bring in enough business for our family and our team to live comfortably.

To get what an owner wants they have to deal with the foundational things that determine if they get what they want.

When I ask most buisness owners what do you need they say things like:

Build Your Business

  • Good Reviews
  • A Good Reputation
  • Be Seen as an Authority
  • Be Seen as an Expert
  • Believibility
  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Popularity
  • Publcity  

Those are ALL good things for a business to have and they have been told they need to do ALL these different things below to get the 9 things listed above: (But THOSE ARE NOT the fundamental foundational things every business needs… Those are just the results.)

Things a business needs if it wants a chance at growing for a long time:

  1. Build A Website (Most businesses STOP HERE)
  2. Market the website (Most owners DO NOT know how to do this)
  3. Convert those who come to your website and contact you.

Just to name a few of the ways:

    • SEO (on and off site)
    • Blog post
    • Videos
    • Podcast,
    • Press Releases
    • GMB optimization
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google Display Ads
    • AdWords
    • You Tube Ads
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • etc, etc, etc

Then AFTER you do those things HOW do you get it in front of potential buyers? It’s the one FOUNDATIONAL thing that makes or breaks a business…

Exposure & Visibility

More Accurately, Massive Exposure & Visibility, if you really want your business to take care of you!

Here is a dirty little secret most owners do not want to face…

It takes more exposure & visibility than most owners can do on thier own to grow and keep a business on a solid foundation.

Grow Your Business
         Grow Your Business

Now as a business owner you have a few choices, one is slower and more time consuming as it requries you to:

  1. Become an expert in the over 20 things I listed in this post. And then find the time to do the work of producing and then distrubting.
  2. Hire someone in house to get these skills.
  3. Hire 4 outside firms to do the work. (SEO firm, Public Relations Firm, Marketing Firm, Branding Firm)
  4. Hire someone who does it all for you and you get the results of the 4 outside firms. Done-For-You

If you are serious about getting your business to where you truly want it and you don’t know if you have the time, energy, effort and skills, i.e. know-how to getter done let’s schedule a time to talk.

To Your Best,
Houston Vetter

P.S. Do you know how much time you will save (time is money) when you have CLARITY? Schedule your Clarity Call so you stop wasting time.

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