My Best Friend Is A Car Shark-More Inventory & Ups Fast

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What Does Every Dealership REALLY Need RIGHT NOW More Than Anything Else? IT’s Not What You Think!


My best friend owns a car dealership and affectionately calls himself a Car Shark and is the only Automotive Dealership owner who does not need this never seen before EXCLUSIVE Unique Automotive Asset, that solves not only the two biggest pain points of the majority of dealerships across the country; it solves it on an ongoing basis, month after month.

The term, Car Shark is normally a negative connotation used to put those in the automotive industry down. To my best friend it’s like a humorous badge of honor because he has built, as he says, a small lucrative empire in one of the toughest sales business (cars)  environments by helping people get what they want.

His natural way of addressing any encounter is like a textbook conversation from Chris Voss on negotiation and he didn’t even really know who Chris Voss was.

My best friend is naturally mentally and verbally flexible enough to help others get what they want, and he is the expert’s, expert in the 30-year automotive niche he created in the High-end Specialty industry.

Tons of inventory and endless customers is why he’s the ONLY Dealer-Owner who this Exclusive Automotive Asset is not a lifesaver for his dealership.


This might not be a fit for a dealership that thinks, “It’s never been done this way before” BUT…

As one expert said:

“Sorry, most dealers are now operating out of panic and fear. Not only is it going to screw up the car business for years… They are failing to learn how to use this to solve their current AND FUTURE problems, NOW!”

For almost every Car Dealership across the country, this Exclusive Automotive Asset IS THE ANSWER they have been looking for.

According to one Georgia Dealer.

“As a Dealer Owner or General Manager, whether you know it or not, this IS the biggest, most important, and best decision you will ever make for your dealership and its future. It deserves that kind of attention. “

Right now, because of the shortage in the Automotive industry,

Inventory and new potential customers (up’s) are in the ‘urgent need category’, soon to be in the ‘desperately needed category’.

Attention is no longer on the ‘important category’, where staying in business and growing the business happens and is the major focus

.An Exclusive Automotive Asset that combines and gets 8 different unique tools working together that have never been seen before because no one else has this takes care of both, the urgent and important categories of any dealership.

With this Exclusive Automotive Asset, a Dealer Owner or a GM can…

  • Forget about having to spread cars out to make it look like you have more inventory than you have.
  • Solve the inventory problem fast.
  • Forget about salespeople sitting around all day and fighting over 1 or 2 “ups” that come on the lot.
  • Solve the “up” problem now and forever.
  • Dealers URGENTLY NEED two things More Inventory and More “Ups”. They think they just need more Inventory. But they are mistaken because they think the reason they don’t have people on the lot is because of not enough inventory.
  • There are 100’s of new people that want to buy a car now every few days that are begging for them and dealers just aren’t getting to them and neither are their salespeople or they could sell the inventory they do have and they are not.
  • And they could be setting this up to work week after week, month after month, and year after year for both Inventory and “Ups” but the industry fear keeps them from seeing the opportunity.

And we are not talking about internet leads that cost $25-$35 per lead. We’re talking about EXCLUSIVE car opportunities you can’t buy on the internet.

Besides solving a dealership’s two biggest problems right now, more inventory at a lower cost and double and triple the daily amount of “ups” for the dealership. It only gets consistently better month after month, year after year.

Imagine no longer worrying about inventory and “ups” from now on. Not just this month, any month.

This Exclusive Automotive Asset solves your immediate urgent problems, and it solves your ongoing important problems all hands-free and hands-off.

Remember NO ONE else has this. It is Unique and Exclusive; don’t you want in? Isn’t this your answer?

And on top of that, it gives your dealerships inventory, massive exposure, and visibility that currently it is not getting. Even if you think the dealership is doing a good job, this will blow you away.

Places that you want your inventory seen but up until now were unable to get it all there.

Done For You!

Whether you are a major, an independent, or boutique dealership you will not recognize your dealership in 6-9 months because of all the growth from what this Exclusive Automotive Asset does for a dealership.

No more,  as Janet Jackson said, “What have you done for me lately?” As each month the Asset gets bigger, better, with more inventory and “ups”, continually.

And as my best friend, the Car Shark says, “That beats a sharp stick in the eye any day.”

ATTENTION: Auto Dealers Owners and GMs to find out more about this Supervaluable Exclusive Unique Automotive Asset contact us to see if we have an Asset available in your market?

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