4 things to Keep Coronavirus From Killing Your Business

Do You Need Help Staying Ahead of the Cronoavirous?

If you, like me, own a business you want as many advantages as possible to keep and grow your business. And to do that you need more monthly business, month in and month out. You may have already taken care of one or more of these, but you need all 4 to keep your business safe from the Coronavirus.

For any business to succeed it is all about popularity and publicity, because those lead to exposure and visibility, the key to all business success. It takes a combination of 3 of these 4 components and all 4 to really secure your business and legacy.

Number 1:

Without this you would have to hire a 24/7 answering service to handle all the calls from the other 3 foundational parts. What is the 1st thing your business needs?

A fast, secure and readable mobile website since over 60% of your customers are using their phones to look up local business. Because of the internet people no longer use the phone book to find people they use their phone.

Without a fast, secure, easy to read mobile website you miss a lot of customers that your competition picks up. You want to get exposure and visibility like a celebrity, politician and movie studios that use all 4 of these fundamental keys.

Do you have an up-to-date mobile friendly, secure, fast loading website that is easy to read, or do you have an old website that if people find it doesn’t get you any calls?

Number 2:

A lot of business owners get a website because they have been told that is what you need because not to many people explain that you can have the best looking vehicle around but if no one ever sees your vehicle they won’t ask for your help because they don’t know you exist.

It ALL come back to exposure and visibility and the next 3 reason are the key to getting you massive exposure and visibility, in the right places.

All 3 of these have their pros and cons and that is why we recommend these 4 foundational steps to keep, build and grow your business.

The website is where people go to get more information about your business. And how do you get the exposure and visibility that increases your circle of influence by 100%. The more people that know you are around and available the more business you will get.

Did you know Google gives you a FREE website? It is called Google My Business. Now Google does promote these GMB websites and even puts 3 of them in a pack on the first page of Google for your niche.  This along with the other Number 3 & 4 steps will cover you and your business for life.

Number 3:

Would you rather talk to someone who is looking for your business right now or do you want to wait 15 to 30 minutes where their attention is on something else?

That’s where Google Ads, specifically their pay-per-call, not pay-per-

My Bathroom is broke

click, comes in. Would you rather a potential customer click through to your website and then maybe call you or would you rather them dial you directly from Google since Google gets 90% of the people looking for your service? You only pay for the calls that come from people who are looking for what you do.

Number 4:

This is my favorite as this gets faster results than having to hire a public relations firm, a SEO company and a Marketing Firm and usually see a breakthrough anywhere between 6 months or less. (Not the usual 10-16 months.) We call it our Saturation Domination System and it gets the massive exposure and visibility that every owner dreams of. Just like a celebrity, politician or movie studio.

We can do any one of the 4 or all 4 foundational processes for your business. Schedule a complimentary, i.e. free, no charge Clarity Call to see where you are in building a solid business foundation.

To Your Best,
Houston Vetter
Houston Consulting LLC | moremonthlybusiness.com

P.S. Whether you need 1 or all 4 we can get you the exposure and visibility you really truly need. Click here to schedule your Clarity Call.




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