Do You Make More Money with Shared or Exclusive Leads

Dr. Houston Vetter, Ph.D. wrote an interesting article about the difference between Shared vs Exclusive Leads and what it does for a business for a Lifestyle blog, and here is some of it.

Click here to read the article on the healthy wealth lifestyle blog.

Speaking to you as a business owner, this conversation or something similar goes on between them and their Business Consultant. Business Consultants and Marketing Agency owners have this same conversation multiple times a day with potential clients and customers.

This is the actual conversation I had with a Construction business that was spending $2000/mo., $24,000/year on a national shared lead provider. Just to name a few, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Homesnap, Realtor(.)com.

Shared vs Exclusive Leads

Why did they come to me?

 They were constantly busy last year. They made over a half a million dollars last year. As owners, they only made $97,000 net profit split by two. They actually had an employee that made more than either of the owners with none of the responsibility.

They are business owners with all the responsibility and they make less than at least one of their employees is a very good reason to get in touch with a Business Consultant that is an expert in getting business the kind of exposure and visibility every business deserves.

Here is one of my responses to one of the owners

Name withheld, you do know that the website may or may not be useful as it probably isn’t set up to actually convert visitors to customers. 100% of all websites are not set up to get actual traffic and they are not set up to convert the traffic when it does get there.

And the dirty little secret of the website building industry is that even the best website gets at most a 4% response rate. Most get less than 2%, 2-4 out of 100 visitors. And that is business-wide regardless of the niche.

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It is a good article and I encourage you to go read it.


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