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Why Am I So Excited?

In all my years as a Business Consultant, I have never had the opportunity to be of greater service and value than I am now. Please don’t get me wrong. I have been of great, great value to the businesses I have consulted and worked with up until now.

Why this program? Because it saves a company money, grief, worry, and stress and gives them more money, more freedom, and more time to enjoy their life, more happiness. It takes care of them and their business at a much lower risk and gets them more clients, higher ROI, and more money. Saves time, energy, effort, and manpower. And is guaranteed. What could you do with the money from 10 extra jobs/mo., 20? 30? 40?

Schedule a time to learn how we can get you more roofs, month after month, after month.https://calendly.com/gettogether

Even back when I was traveling 250 days a year on the speaking circuit for 30 years speaking to crowds of 2000+ for people like GMAC, Ford, McCall Cellular, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, NERIA, etc. I always offered great value.

As I work in the Senior Healthcare Industry I offer tremendous value. And as a local Business Growth Consultant with an Internet Marketing Agency, we outperformed other agencies. Because our focus was Business processes and growth which included sales and marketing.

I had longed for a way to provide more and better service to businesses and not be seen as another expense, which unfortunately Internet Marketers are seen as an expense even though they are often the lifeblood of a business.

That was one of the reasons I focused on being able to provide more than any other person the secret that politicians, movie stars, and movie studios know as the key to success and that is getting a business more exposure and visibility than they can ever get on their own and doing it fasts. That is good but still not good enough. Until recently…

One day another marketing friend of mine asked me how would I like to no longer be an expense for a business and not having them leave just when they were getting ready to make it big?

But instead, reduce the business expense and increase their profit and set it up for the business can double, triple their business in months instead of years, and that we only make money when they do.

He introduced me to a group of businesspeople who had invested $5.1 million in a self-learning A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) system that does a better job than business owners and employees, better than any human at taking leads and turning them into actual appointments ready to listen to your company presentation.

NOT leads, not maybes, not no shows but actually scheduled appointments that show. All done for the business and save them $40k/year doing it.

What excites me the most is this is the fairest, the most win-win, the most work together to grow a business I have ever seen.

Solve a business’s biggest pain point, better than anyone else, including owner & staff, and do it 24/7, 365? The pain point of getting and working your leads. Just pay for Ad spend at cost and people just show (walk in the door/show for phone appt.) We only make money when you do. We’re in this together.

Every company that adopted this new model exploded in revenue and growth because we provide more value to business owners. No longer needed to generate leads and pay someone $2000+/mo. to work their leads for them. We do it with more efficiency and only pay when we perform. Because we only get paid when we perform a company no longer has to pay on average a $2000-$2500 retainer plus ad spend to a marketing agency.  An immediate $40k+ savings.

  • No more monthly agency fee
  • No more spending time to schedule roof estimates.
  • No more having to pay someone to run ads for your business.
  • No more having to work the leads to try and set an appointment.
  • No more follow up to make sure the people make the appointment.
  • No more having to reschedule missed appointments.
  • No more spending the time, energy, and effort to do all that. We do it for you. No cost.

Schedule a time to learn how we can get you more roofs, month after month, after month.https://calendly.com/gettogether

  1. Pay us one time, no recurring (money-back guarantee)
  2. Never pay another agency again
  3. We’ll Run Your Ads for free
  4. 100% of your money goes to Ad Spend
  5. We’ll also work your leads for you (Save you time, energy, and manpower)
  6. Only pay us for the people that show for an appointment

We are the solution to growing your business, fast. Let’s talk. https://calendly.com/gettogether

Are you getting to see why I am so excited and how fair this process is to the business? It not only saves money, but it also increases profit by applying a few things we introduce to your closer/salesperson. And the business owner only pays for our work when the appointment walks through the door or shows on location for an appointment.

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