How is Facebook Marketplace About to Limit Auto Dealers?

Soon it will be harder for dealerships to reach their most likely customers, thanks to a policy change from Facebook.

Beginning Sept. 13, 2021, the tech giant will ban vehicle and home listings that come from partner catalog feed on Marketplace.

What Does This Mean for Auto Dealers?

Because Facebook already bans new vehicles from Marketplace, the used vehicle business will feel the impact of this change most.

Auto Dealerships with Pre-owned and used inventory will have a harder time getting the word out in front of the right people who are ready, willing, and able to purchase right now. Schedule A Time On Our Calendar

Dealers who were using Facebook Marketplace to great advantage are going to have to revamp and learn new ways to make Marketplace work for them.

It appears Facebook is pushing auto dealers to show their new and used inventory in ads and on the vehicles tab on their business page.

These page storefronts are a relatively new feature that Facebook is pushing auto dealers to pursue.

Unfortunately, this limits the exposure of a dealer’s inventory to people who go to their page or people that see a Facebook ad from the dealership. Schedule A Time On Our Calendar

Why is Facebook Making This Change?

In true Facebook fashion, they’re not offering a direct answer. Our experts’ suspect, however, a tilt toward the Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) format in their announcement:

You can set up your automotive inventory ads from your dealership Page with your partner catalog. When you set up your ads, you can also leverage the on-Facebook destination, a mobile-optimized shopping experience on the Facebook platform. Automotive inventory ads will continue to be displayed on Marketplace and across other placements on Facebook.


How Dealers Can Take Advantage of This Facebook Change?

What 2 main things does a dealer really want right now?

According to dealer owners surveyed across the country, dealerships want… More inventory on their lot and more exclusive customers month after month.

Unfortunately, Facebook is interested in car dealers buying ads without thinking through what a dealer actually needs.

Because of all the changes happening in the Automotive market right now with supply problems, inventory problems, etc. dealerships are overpaying for inventory.

Not only, not having enough inventory, increasing the number of customers seeing their inventory they do have is becoming a huge problem.

Our team of experts has cracked the code, figured out a way to fill a dealer’s inventory to full capacity with zero auction fees, and generate 100-200 exclusive potential customers week after week. Schedule A Time On Our Calendar

Not only that but we also solve the bind the new rules for Facebook Marketplace is putting Automotive Dealers in.

To Your Best,
Dr. Houston Vetter, Ph.D.
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