Honest Marketing

Honest Marketing

This is MY opinion and why I do what I do.

Some people make me laugh so much, Getting upset about how others go about marketing. Someone above said on LinkedIn (a Business site to get business from) that he gets upset when he accepts an invite on a platform designed to market a business service/product to other businesses when someone’s first message is offering a service/product. That is extremely funny and sad at the same time.

When I send an invite to connect on LinkedIn the invite says exactly why I am wanting to connect. I am looking for __(Niche)______ businesses that really want to grow their business on a solid foundation and quickly.

Those that accept and then get upset because I send them a message back about quickly growing their business with a solid foundation. I simply laugh and ignore them as sales is a number’s and sorting game.

Usually when I read their reply as snarky. I like to respond back with “YOU accepted my invitation about growing your business on a solid foundation and quickly and then YOU want to pretend to be offended when I keep my word. That’s funny right there. And lets me know to let you keep struggling in your own dishonesty (as struggling people lash out at others out of their own fear, worry, and pressure) especially on a platform designed for businesses to get business from other businesses.

I’m ONLY looking for the one’s who really need and want to build a solid business, faster, quicker, with a lot less effort, struggle, and worry. I don’t beat around the bush.

I say upfront why I’m there and what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the ones who need help, know they need help, and are ready for a solution.

If someone is so emotionally unstable to be negative, defensive, offended, etc. That is their issue, nothing to do with me, and not what I’m looking for.

So I move on looking for my goal. Which is, not to work with clients that I will want to fire within a short period of time but to work with clients that I can get them faster, quicker and better results in 4-6 months than they can get themselves and who appreciate that. Businesses who are willing to admit they need help and haven’t been able to get the results they say they want.

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