How Senior-Companion Care Companies Get New Monthly Clients Now!

How Senior-Companion Care Companies Get New Monthly Clients Now!

The old way…

…was to attempt to develop relationships with Hospital Case Managers and Social Workers who were in charge of referring patients leaving the hospital or other health facilities to companies that provide services the discharged patient needed. Ranging from Home Health, Hospice, Homecare, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehab Hospitals, DME companies, Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, to Skilled Nursing Facilities, etc.

The problem…

…with that is there are only so many discharge case managers and social workers in so many hospitals or medical facilities that not only does your Agency get lost in the shuffle of all the available possibilities and if you make it through all that then you have to determine if the senior is a good fit for your agency.

With the new normal…

…due to the pandemic and all the heightened emotions going on out there the normal way of getting referrals are getting tougher and harder to come by for most agencies.

Besides that…

…there are marketing agencies out there that will get you traffic to your website that hopefully will turn into leads, that hopefully, you can move the leads to set an appointment.

A little better…

….There are also companies that will sell you and 3-8 other agencies, leads that you have to fight over to set an appointment with. The problem is two-fold, number one, the leads are NOT exclusive and number two, you still have to set an appointment which can take one employee full-time to do the job. That is after paying for the non-exclusive lead(s).

The NEW Way…

ATTENTION: Homecare & Companion Care, Senior Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Companies

No one wants to close their business, do you?

Do you want your competition to get clients that should be yours?

Is finding clients in this new climate easier or tougher?

Do you enjoy fighting with other companies over the same leads, month after month?

Do you like having to work leads for weeks just to get an appointment?

Instead of fighting for leads would you say no to appointments already set waiting for you to onboard?

We are doing it for other Homecare companies and would like to discuss doing it for you.

Here is our calendar to schedule a quick call

You can call and if we are not on the line we can talk or leave a message. 713.459.6263

Forget about the hard work of tracking down someone who can maybe, possibly give you a lead you have to work to set an appointment with. Or having to compete with others over setting appointments.

What would it be like to let go of all the effort to get appointments and let our Artificial Intelligent Software platform do all the work and all you have to do is go to the appointment and sign your new client up?

Click Here to find a time that best suits you to discuss just how this would work for your company.

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