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ADA Comply-Get Your Website ADA Compliant

ADA Comply-Get Your Website ADA Compliant

Attention: All owners of a website,

especially business owners and entrepreneurs. This is EXTREMELY URGENT and Important. Since 99.99% of websites are vulnerable to unscrupulous shady legal attacks, we need to get your website ADA compliant BEFORE some sharkie, shady lawyer decides to extort money from you by suing you because your website is non-ADA compliant. It is NOT a matter of “IF”, it is only a matter of when. Contact me ASAP so our team can fix this for you now and BEFORE it cost you your business.

Running a business can be extremely rewarding and often is very tough because of all the hoops a business owner must go through to comply with all the government regulations. There is one area that you as a business owner may not be aware of that leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits that can cripple your business. It is easily preventable, and we can fix it for you very fast and inexpensively.

The question is… Is your website non-ADA compliant or ADA compliant?

Don’t leave yourself and your company defenseless. Let’s work on saving you the time, energy, money and hassle of worry about having to battle this out in court and loosing big time.

1st let’s find out if your website is vulnerable. We are currently doing a free analysis of your site to find all the areas that can put you in danger with the ADA. We can send you your report Then we can go over it and talk about how to solve this quickly.